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like mist on eyeglasses

Not as inane, heavy, innocuous, edgy, interesting, dull, clueless, or perceptive as I might initially appear.

Oh, and I also have kitblog, in which I expound on my kittens to a degree that would be unseemly in my personal journal.
80s music, activism, amy tan, anthropology, bayard rustin, being right, belly dancing, bisexuality, black humor, bleeding-heart liberalism, candide, cats, chocolate, civil rights, community building, cooking, crf in cats, cryptozoology, dancing, debunking bad science, discworld, dissonance reduction, douglas adams, doumbeks, dr. seuss, drum circles, drumming, dungeons and dragons, e.e. cummings, eeyore, ellen kushner, evidence-based practice, eytan fox, fairy tales, feminism, folklore, gay rights, gender discourse, gilbert and sullivan, good books, grassroots organizing, harry potter, health care policy, healthy skepticism, history, hiv/aids, homicide-life on the street, judaism, judge justice, kate bush, lewis carroll, martha nussbaum, molly ivins, monty python, muppets, mythology, neil gaiman, nick cave, ogden nash, oliver sacks, open-mindedness, performing, peter s beagle, photoshop, poetry, policy analysis, policy formation, procrastination, psychology, religions, robert frost, role-playing games, rosencrantz-and-guildenstern are dead, sarcasm, science fiction, sesame street, shel silverstein, sheri tepper, sleeping, social psychology, social sciences, social services, social welfare policy, social work, song writing, spirituality, star trek, star wars, stephen jay gould, steven brust, t.s. eliot, tanya huff, terry pratchett, the cure, the fundamental attribution error, the new yorker, the sapir-whorf hypothesis, the tick, the young ones, tom lehrer, tony kushner, torah studies, vegetarianism, winnie the pooh, women's rights, women's studies